The cloud accounting software Xero is designed to make small to medium-sized business accounting a simple and hassle-free process. Here are some of the benefits of using Xero…

1. Mobility – With Xero you can manage your accounts on the go. By simply downloading the mobile app you can view invoices and manage your finances anywhere, perfect for remote working.

2. Efficiency – Bank transfers, credit card bills and any online payment platforms, such as PayPal, are imported and organised through one channel, so everything you need is in one place and you don’t need to manage multiple accounts at once.

3. Money-saving – Time spent manually entering data is reduced as Xero manages accounting and payroll services for you. For small startups, this means the need to hire an accountant to organise your company’s payroll is removed, freeing valuable money.

4. Time-saving – Gain back the time spent at a physical bank by designing invoices and quotes through Xero. Professional, recurring invoices can be created and unlike regular bank invoices or quotes, with Xero you’ll receive automatic updates when they’re opened.

5. Streamlined – Databases that track your inventory, invoicing, staff timetables, expenses and more, can be integrated with Xero. This means that Xero can streamline your business and minimise any risks of human error, as all information will be compiled in one convenient location.

6. User-friendly – Log your personal expenses and approve other expenses easily. Review and verify receipts online, a simple process that also creates a thorough online log of any tax deductibles or expenses should they be called into question.

7. Stress-free – Ultimately, Xero takes care of accounting and finances for you, so you can spend your time furthering the success of your business.

At Propeller Advisory, we understand how precious time can be for a new or small business. With Xero, you can rest assured your accounts are being looked after and gain a crucial insight into your business through its streamlined efficiency. Spend time focusing on your business and let us handle the rest. For more information on Xero or accounting do not hesitate to contact our expert team.